America's Best Pies

America's Best Pies

Pumpkin pie. Few dishes can cement a new memory—while also calling up cherished family moments—quite like this one. And few bakers make this famed holiday dessert quite like Maury Rubin, at New York's City Bakery. This is no postmodern interpretation, just traditional pumpkin pie done especially right: a buttery graham-cracker crust with a well-calibrated punch of spice in the filling.

The appeal of pie is hard to describe. It's more than just a delicious dessert. There's comfort, tradition, and a strong sense of place in every bite. Whether it's a classic standard or a fresh take with unique ingredients, a standout slice of pie will be forevermore associated with the when, where, and why of its serving.

If you're looking for slices of nostalgia or bold new baked goodness, there's a perfect slice of pie somewhere in America waiting for you. Whether or not to add whipped cream is entirely up to you.

Check out the slideshow above to get a peek at some of the best pies America can offer.

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