America's Best Burger Cities


Once the ultimate cheap comfort food, the burger is increasingly becoming a gourmet indulgence—often prepared with grass-fed, Kobe-style beef, topped with shaved truffles, or rendered quirky through toppings such as fried duck eggs. So where to go to sample the best burgers? Providence, RI, according to T+L readers, who voted in the annual America's Favorite Cities survey to rank cities on features that delight travelers, among them, irresistible foods like pizza and burgers.

To be fair, the survey's list of 35 major metropolitan areas didn't include some smaller towns that were key in the burger's evolution, such as New Haven, CT, home of the legendary Louis' Lunch, or Wichita, KS, where White Castle sold the first burger that resembles what Americans eat today.

Other cities in the top 20, however, have their own claim on hamburger history. The Los Angeles area launched the first McDonald's and the In-N-Out Burger, both in the 1940s. Minneapolis/St. Paul, meanwhile, is famous for the Juicy Lucy, a burger with the cheese cooked inside the patty.

Check out the slideshow above to discover the top ten best burger cities in America.

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