America's Favorite Salads


For some people, salads are just go-to options at lunch or dinner when it's crunch time — quick, healthy options when nothing else comes to mind at the moment. For others, they're just speed bumps on the way to something greater — a perfect roast chicken, a juicy grilled steak, or a mouthwatering rack of ribs — palate-cleansers, appetizers, but nothing memorable. Just some greens with some kind of vinaigrette and maybe a few other vegetables thrown in for good measure.

America's Favorite Salads

But salad can be so much more than just an afterthought. With a little love, you can make some truly exciting salads, and where better to start than with the culinary greats — iconic American salad recipes.

Check out the slideshow above to see what salads have been deemed American Favorites.

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