All in the Family: How Lidia Bastianich Combined Her Two Passions

Lidia Bastianich loves cooking and she loves family—so much so that she's built a career around both. The Emmy-winning chef has seen success in her restaurants, television series, cookbooks and pasta and sauce line. In the midst of it all, her two children, Joe and Tanya, became involved, and now the business is a family affair. (You've probably seen her son Joe on cooking competition show MasterChef.) For Lidia, the dinner table is where important family bonding occurs, so to join food with family and her career in the culinary world seems only natural.

Check out the slideshow above to learn about how Lidia Bastianich combines her passions for family and food. Then, learn 10 facts you didn't know about the chef, and discover what she'd bring with her to a deserted island!