Addicted to Produce

Addicted to Produce

I saw the most incredible picture on the site Tastespotting. It was a deliciously colorful dish of vegetables and nothing but vegetables. It was artistic, it was flavorful ,and it was easy. If you are like myself, I sometimes tend to go overboard in the produce department during my weekly visit. I think 5 zucchini, 6 squash, 2 eggplants and a bag of peppers is just enough to feed my entire family of 3 (the baby doesn't count yet.). Not only is it always enough, but it is always TOO MUCH! I don't know what I think I am going to do with all of this fresh produce. You would think I would have learned my lesson, but each week I go back for more produce. I AM ADDICTED

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With this produce addiction, I have learned to be very clever with my vegetable creations so as not to spark an "I told you so" comment from my husband each week. This is where the vegetable tian became like a pot of gold. It made me drool, made me jump right out of my seat and head to the kitchen and made me, MADE me lick my fingers after each bite (oh come on, you know you lick your fingers when there is something too good to resist on them!). A fork? Who needs a fork?

You can use just about any vegetable under the sun in this dish. There are no mistakes, there are no limits, and there is no turning back. You are now responsible to make this vegetable tian because you have read this post. It's your fault for reading, not mine. :) In all seriousness, this is the perfect side dish to accommodate an array of picky vegetable eaters from squash to peppers, potatoes, onions and even eggplant. There has to be at least one veggie in this tian that your family and/or guests will love!

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