Adam Richman's 12 Best Places To Eat Across America

Adam Richman's 12 Best Places To Eat Across America
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Adam Richman's 12 Best Places To Eat Across America

We asked Adam Richman, host of Travel Channel shows Man v Food Nation and Fandemonium, to share his top ten places to eat in the country, but he couldn't resist throwing in a few extra. Read on to discover his 12 favorite restaurants.

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Slows Bar BQ, Detroit, MI

Adam describes the food at this barbecue joint as a "consistently delicious, consistently well-crafted homage to barbecue from all regions." The entree menu is all over the map, from Texas Style Beef Brisket to Carolina Style Pulled Pork. Tack on extras like the sweet potato mash and Mom's green beans; their "sides are every bit as great as the main course," he shares. Man v. Food featured Slows Bar BQ in its Detroit episode.

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Black Trumpet, Portsmouth, NH

Adam loves the "amazing location" of this family-owned bistro in the heart of Portsmouth's historic old port. Ingredients are sourced locally, and dishes, like a green salad dressed with ricotta-stuffed fig and apricot dressing or an entree of stuffed Patridge Farm chicken leg with broccoli rabe and chickpea fried olives, are prepared beautifully. "The farm-fresh butter served with the fresh-baked bread that you get when you sit down has been blended with honey from the server's own farm," he admits. "Yes, that is a real fact."

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Brasa Premium Rotisserie Restaurant, Minneapolis, MN

"Maybe my favorite restaurant in the country," Adam reveals about Brasa, a rotisserie where slow cooked meats are the star. Their Creole-inspired menu serves home-cooked meals using all local, organic ingredients and infusing cooking traditions from the Americas and Caribbean. "Slow roasted pork, corn bread, green sauce, [and] guacamole are not to be missed." Brasa was featured in Man v. Food's Minneapolis episode.

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Girl and the Goat, Chicago, IL

"Chef Stephanie Izard simply kills it," Adam raves of the chef behind this West Loop restaurant. "From the balance, restraint and surprising punch of flavor in a deceptively simple kohlrabi salad, to a brilliantly constructed dish known as pig face, to the titular roasted goat - these dishes evoke the primal simplicity of a skilled chef getting out of the way and letting excellent technique be the gateway for the freaking phenomenal flavors, textures and combinations that occur when you work with great ingredients in a great (open) kitchen!" Make reservations far in advance, as "the wait for tables is legendary" but "entirely worth it."

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Bern's Steak House, Tampa, FL

Adam calls Bern's "a one-of-a-kind dining experience" that transcends the notion of a steakhouse, applauding their "commitment to tradition and quality-control results." The "special châteaubriand and pretty much anything on the dessert menu are works of culinary magic," he shares. "I would fly here from New York just for dinner."

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Woodshed Smokehouse, Fort Worth, TX

"Smokehouse fare taken beyond the next level but rather to the next planet," says Adam of this restaurant owned by Chef Time Love. Woodshed uses four different kinds of wood to flavor their meats, vegetables and even ice for some of the cocktails. "Smoked, smashed, fried spuds, banh mi tacos, rabbit rattlesnake sausage and whatever they have on the spit are usually great choices. They even have lamb Cichcharron! Cracklin! But don't try to share with Tim - he totally bogarts all of it!" jokes Adam.

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Borgne, New Orleans, LA

The menu at Borgne celebrates Louisiana's coastal, indigenous cuisine and is expertly prepared by New Orleans native Chef Brian Landry. You can't miss the "empanadas, garlic bread soup, duck poppers, black drum, stuffed artichoke and whatever pudding that is inside the mason jar," says Adam. "That stuff is like crack that you can eat with a spoon."

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Gramercy Tavern, New York, NY

"Easily one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the city in my opinion," says Adam. He shares high praise for Chef Michael Anthony, who Adam describes as having the ability to "make the lightest of ingredients seem substantial and find a lightness to even the most hearty of dishes." "If there is fish on the menu, you must eat it. Eat all of it. Order three dishes just so you can taste each one!" he insists. "In all seriousness, this man can even smoke and roast caviar!"

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L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Having grown up in Kings County, Brooklyn, Adam has been going to L&B Spumoni Gardens his entire life. The Italian eatery was featured in the Brooklyn episode of Man v. Food, and Adam says you can't miss "their grape tomato salad, shrimp with orange and tomato sauce, their square pizza slices and [the] eponymous spumoni."

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Nobu New York, New York, NY

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, co-owner of the Nobu restaurants, is known for using Peruvian influences in Japanese cooking, and Adam calls him "unquestionably a modern master." "Having met him personally, I can say that his sheer skill and knowledge of food is only matched by his near childlike enthusiasm for creating it," he tells us.

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Fleur by Hubert Keller, Las Vegas, NV

"Chef Hubert Keller, to me, is in real life what the Dos Equis guy pretends to be. He truly is one of the most interesting people I've ever met and all of it is reflected in his cooking," says Adam.

Adam describes Hubert's food as "at points border[ing] on molecular gastronomy" but always "striking and delicious." "His dishes are instantly memorable, and his presentation is second to none," enthuses Adam. "Be prepared to see scallops smoked à la minute & soup with crystallized basil and watermelon pop rocks."

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Restaurant Marc Forgione, New York, NY

Adam calls Chef Marc Forgione a good friend and counts his restaurant in the TriBeCa neighborhood as one of his favorites. "His restaurant and his menu are what happens when rockstar style meets rockstar caliber talent with a very well-traveled and observant chef," he tell us. Adam recommends ordering "any red meat dish, chili lobster, and any of the desserts that feature banana Jameson."

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"Just 10?" Adam Richman joked, when we asked him for his 10 favorite restaurants in the country. "Impossible!"

The television personality, known for his eating prowess on the shows Man v. Food, Man v. Food Nation and most recently Fandemonium, refused to let our number count stop him. "I'm just gonna go 'til I get tired of this, but at least it's out there!" he tells us. The man who has literally eaten his way across the nation somehow whittled down his list to these select mouth-watering spots.

Check out the slideshow above to discover Adam's top 12 places to eat in America.

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