9 Weird (But True) Food Laws in America

9 Weird (But True) Food Laws in America

Plenty of fascinating and strange food laws are rumored to exist across the country, but whether they are fact or fiction is hard to tell. If it didn't have an eyewitness report or the language in the books to back it up, we didn't think twice of it. What we've uncovered are nine weird food laws that actually exist, even if the reason that they were created for has long been lost.

Few outdated city ordinances actually get enforced, but one unusual rule in Gainesville, Georgia actually got someone arrested! Find out why you couldn't stand and sip in Lefor, Texas, and what racy attire hot dog vendors can't wear in Broward County, Florida. Plus, one recently passed law is one-upping them all by banning food bans!

Check out the slideshow above to discover nine weird, funny and absurd but true food laws.

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