9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh

9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food Fresh

Are you tired of browned avocados, overly ripened bananas and soggy celery? We're always bummed to find the groceries we just bought looking not so fresh. Get ready to have your minds blown—these nine fresh food hacks are super easy and really work!

Want to keep your coffee longer? Try storing it in an air-tight container. Air exposure can ruin coffee, along with factors like moisture, light and heat, so it's best to keep that coffee container somewhere dark and cool, too!

Is soggy celery making you sad? Put that skip back in your step by wrapping those stalks in foil and then sticking them in the fridge. The trick is to keep the package wrapped air-tight, so that the celery's moisture stays in but the outside air and humidity stays out. This way your celery stalks will stay crispy!

Got too much avocado? Once cut, avocado quickly oxidizes and turns into an unappealing brown color. Keep it looking fresh for longer by sprinkling it with lemon juice! (But really, is there even such a thing as too much avocado?)

There are plenty more food hacks to discover in the video above, including the secret to preventing overly ripened bananas, the trick to keeping bread fresh in a pinch and the best place to store your onions.

Watch the video above to discover 9 simple ways to keep your food fresh—then, get out there and keep things fresh!