9 Recipes for Naturally 'Dyeing' Easter Eggs

9 Recipes for Naturally 'Dyeing' Easter Eggs
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9 Recipes for Naturally 'Dyeing' Easter Eggs

Read on for natural ways to to dye Easter eggs.

Perfect Purple Easter Egg

Chef Sean Olnowich, executive chef of New York City’s Bounce Sporting Club, has a laundry (or grocery, for that matter) list of ingredients that will change the shell from simple to splendid. To get a deep purple hue, use your “leftover” red wine to create a gorgeous egg.

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Going Green Easter Egg

Cooked spinach can do more than power Popeye’s punches. For an all-natural green egg, combine spinach with vinegar and a hard-boiled egg and you’ll have an earth colored Easter treat in no time.

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Carrot-Top Yellow Easter Egg

Surprisingly, chopped carrot tops won’t get you an orange hue. For a rich yellow color, chef Olnowich suggests boiling these on the stovetop.

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Turmeric Golden Easter Eggs

Spice up your Easter eggs the natural way! Turmeric yields a lovely golden hue that will make your kids think that you have Willy Wonka’s golden goose!

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Chili Powder Orange Eggs

Add a little heat to your Easter eggs. Chili powder boasts a beautiful rusted orange that will truly pop on your hard-boiled egg.

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Beautiful Blueberry Eggs

Robin’s egg blue just took on a whole new meaning! With a few mashed blueberries, your eggs will be more of a lavender than blue, but will still look absolutely stunning.

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Red Onion Red Eggs

With the vibrant skin of these gorgeous vegetables, you can create a ravishing red color that will make your Easter Eggs pop.

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Beet Pink Eggs

Beets will make your eggs so pretty in pink with this easy recipe, they could end up dancing with Molly Ringwald in a John Hughes lensed prom!

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Kool Aid Eggs

Entertaining expert Mark Addison dyes his eggs with a Kool (Aid) Twist!

“It’s a fun and easy way to utilize the bright colors Kool-Aid has to offer and it also smells great while you’re dyeing your eggs!” says Addison. “You can also mix the different flavors in order to come up with new colors. For example: Lemonade and Berry Blue will give you a green.”

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Finding Easter eggs during a hunt is only half of the fun. Dyeing, painting, decorating and beautifying the delicate shells are an adventure of their own. Whether hand painted, tye-dyed, or colored with other food (or drink) products, just like snowflakes and their different shapes and various designs, no two are alike!

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The tradition of painting Paschal eggs (aka Easter eggs) dates back to when households would give up eating eggs in observance of Lent. Fat Tuesday was known to be the last day people were able enjoy dairy and eggs before the celebration of Easter. Sometimes Easter eggs were dyed red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

With all of those egregious color tablets and strange kit contents, you may be less than thrilled about getting crafty. The answer to gorgeously colored eggs could be right in your refrigerator. We've compiled advice from egg-cellent experts to assist in giving us great recipes for dying Easter egg naturally! They're more natural and, in many cases, less messy and safe for kids.

Safeway executive chef Jeff Anderson suggests keeping things lighthearted.

"Have fun with this!" Anderson exclaimed. "Pick your favorite produce and experiment with formulas to create different colored eggs. Make sure to pick the freshest fruits and vegetables for better color."

You can make everyone green with envy by using spinach for a grassy hue. With the help of beets you can tickle your Easter eggs pink! Break out the ingredients (not the eggs), roll up your sleeves, and maybe put on an apron for good measure.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how to naturally dye Easter eggs.

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