9 Egg Dyeing Hacks for Super Cool Easter Eggs

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9 Egg Dyeing Hacks for Super Cool Easter Eggs
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9 Egg Dyeing Hacks for Super Cool Easter Eggs

Read on for hacks to dye Easter eggs.

Dye Eggs In A Muffin Tin.

Use a muffin tin to dye eggs. By containing the space for the eggs to soak, you'll have less of a mess on your hands.

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Try Temporary Tattoos.

You can also forego the dyes altogether and add a temporary tattoo to the egg instead.

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Use Glitter.

Looking for something a little more flashy? Roll a wet egg in glitter for fun flair this year.

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Use A Whisk.

If you're dyeing eggs, using a whisk to dip them into the colored solution is a good way to get the entire egg submerged, and makes it much easier to remove it once it's done.

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Try Nail Polish.

You can use nail polish instead of paint to decorate your eggs, but be sure to look out for nail polish that's safe for kids.

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Use Chalk.

Another alternativee to dye is colorful chalk—and it's less clean-up, too.

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Use Rubber Bands.

To add a fun pattern to the eggs, wrap a rubber band (or more than one) around the egg and dip. Once it's dry, remove the rubber band and you'll have a cute striped pattern.

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Try Scotch Tape.

With the help of scotch tape, you can create various patterns for the dyed eggs. Just tape pieces around the egg in any pattern you'd like. Remove them once dry, as you would the rubber bands.

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Use Sharpie.

If all else fails, you can always break out a permanent marker and try out a striped or polka dot pattern (or if you're feeling adventurous, something a little more elaborate).

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Dyeing Easter eggs is all part of the fun of Easter. However, sometimes using a regular old kit can be boring (and a bit messy).These helpful hacks will make dyeing eggs easier and a lot more fun—and the finished product will really wow your guests.

Check out the slideshow above for cool egg-dyeing hacks.

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