9 Easy Chicken Recipes to Solve Your Dinner Dilemma

9 Easy Chicken Recipes to Solve Your Dinner Dilemma
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9 Easy Chicken Recipes to Solve Your Dinner Dilemma

Read on to discover 9 easy chicken recipes to solve your dinner dilemma.

Image Credit: Romulo A Yanes

Grilled Chicken with Roasted Tomato and Oregano Salsa

Even if you've never experienced firsthand the scenic luxury of St. George, Utah's Red Mountain Resort, at least you can cook up their spa-approved grilled chicken dinner at home. At 312 calories per serving, it's a meal that gives the green light to doling yourself a slightly heartier portion.

Image Credit: Victoria Pearson

Asian Lettuce Wraps

How many times have you sat down to a meal where the appetizer was far better than the main course? We've been there, and so were these lettuce wraps. The good news is, cooking at home gives you the freedom to make a meal of whatever you're craving. These wraps serve two for dinner, or double the recipe for a party of 4.

Image Credit: David Prince

Chicken Kale Wraps

Using hearty kale (and collard!) leaves as wraps is a winning idea right now, and all the better that these dark green leaves score high on fiber and Vitamin C. Add chicken breast and squash for a kale wrap that's fresh and filling.

Image Credit: Jonathon Kambouris

Spicy Chicken Burgers

The patties in these crowd-pleasing 'shroom burgers are packed with lots of tasty (and good-for-you) ingredients: Greek yogurt, mushrooms and edamame. Plus, the cayenne pepper's surprising kick makes it so much better than your average backyard burger.

Image Credit: Kana Okada

Mario Batali's Herbed Citrus Chicken

No culinary degree required for mastering this super simple recipe from Mario Batali. The chicken marinates overnight, so by the time guests arrive, you'll only need to grill, plate and serve.

Image Credit: Kana Okada

Immunity-Boosting Creamy Chicken Soup

Don't wait until you've caught the latest bug to call on this immunity-boosting soup. Yogurt and milk give the broth loads of Vitamin-D (studies connect low levels with more bouts of flu and cold), and lycopene from tomatoes (a powerful antioxidant) protect white blood cells.

Image Credit: Christopher Testani

Baked "Barbecue" Chicken

Come snow or sun, you can fake a summertime barbecue chicken dinner any time of the year. Swap your grill for an oven and mix up your typical meal plan with this sweet-and-savory baked chicken.

Image Credit: Romulo A Yanes

Pistachio-Crusted Chicken

Crushed pistachios give this nut-crusted chicken dish a satisfying (and gluten-free!) crunch. But it's the secret sauce, a flavorful Greek yogurt-based raita (a mix of lemon, cilantro, garlic and cumin) that'll win all the raves.

Image Credit: Poulos Constantine

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

Making a barbecue chicken pizza at home a) is the perfect group dinner project and b) provides a break from the ol' margherita stand-by. Delegate cilantro-chopping and onion-slicing to your friends—and dinner will be done in a heartbeat.

Image Credit: Cedric Angeles


By Thailan Pham

You hit your early morning workout, powered through countless meetings at work and even stopped off for a drink with a friend. Next up? Project-managing what's for dinner. Allow us to nominate what may be the most universally crowd-pleasing food you can put on a plate: a chicken dinner. How many other foods can offer up this kind of protein (27 grams per 3 ounces of grilled chicken!) plus bonus B vitamins? That's plenty reason to find more ways to make this classic dinner idea anything but basic. No need to call on Pinterest—we've rounded up 9 meal ideas to help you get a weekday meal on the table quickly.

Check out the slideshow above to discover 9 easy chicken recipes you can make any night of the week.

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