9 Bite-Size Appetizers for 100 Calories or Less

9 Bite-Size Appetizers for 100 Calories or Less
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9 Bite-Size Appetizers for 100 Calories or Less

Click through for 9 appetizer options that will get your meal off to a great, low-calorie start!

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1) Shrimp-Pepper Popper

Prep Time: 11:40; Pepper jelly; Small cooked shrimp; Reduced-fat cream cheese; Small, round melba toast

Click here for the recipe: Shrimp-Pepper Popper

2) Deconstructed Spicy Crab Roll

Prep Time: 8:16; Drizzle of hot sesame oil; Toasted sesame seeds; Cooked crab meat; Pickled ginger; Rice cracker

Click here for the recipe: Deconstructed Spicy Crab Roll

3) Roast Beef & Beet Nosh

Prep Time: 13:03; Fresh parsley; Sour cream mixed with horseradish; Roast beef; Pickled beet; Rye toast

Click here for the recipe: Roast Beef & Beet Nosh

4) Blue Corn Botanita

Prep Time: 7:39; Sprinkle of ground chipotle pepper; Squeeze of lime; Cotija cheese; Ripe mango; Blue corn tortilla chip

Click here for the recipe: Blue Corn Botanita

5) Pepper & Sopressata Bruschetta

Prep Time: 17:21; Black pepper; Fresh parsley; Mini fresh mozzarella balls, halved; Slivered sopressata; Red pepper spread; Toasted focaccia

Click here for the recipe: Pepper & Sopressata Bruschetta

6) Feta & Cucumber Nip

Prep Time: 16:47; Olive oil and a squeeze of lemon; Sliver of fresh lemon; Feta cheese; Baby cucumber; Olive tapenade; Pita chip

Click here for the recipe: Feta & Cucumber Nip

7) Goat Cheese & Veggie Morsel

Prep Time: 20:22; Black pepper; Scallion greens; Carrot & red bell pepper; Goat cheese; Small whole-wheat cracker

Click here for the recipe: Goat Cheese & Veggie Morsel

8) Caviar-Egg Gem

Prep Time: 11:42; Fresh dill; Salmon roe caviar; Reduced-fat sour cream; Hard-boiled egg; Small, round whole-grain cracker

Click here for the recipe: Caviar-Egg Gem

9) Blue Cheese & Fig Bite

Prep Time: 14:36; Drizzle of honey; Blue cheese; Fresh fig; Toasted baguette

Click here for the recipe: Blue Cheese & Fig Bite


Whether you're gracing guests with a gourmet feast or scrambling to host a few hungry pop-ins, a platter of no-cook canapés (pronounced: "can-a-PAYS") is an elegant, easy way to make them feel welcome. These cracker- or bread-based bites rely on bright colors, no-fuss store-bought ingredients and balanced flavors to effortlessly dazzle a crowd. They're so quick, in fact, we had to measure our prep time in the Test Kitchen with a stopwatch!

Stock your pantry with the right ingredients so you can be ready in an instant to throw together a plate of our delectable canapés. Canapés range from about 20 to about 80 calories each.

Check out the slideshow above for 9 low-calorie appetizers.

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