8 Ways to Make a Healthier Breakfast

8 Ways to Make a Healthier Breakfast
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8 Ways to Make a Healthier Breakfast

Check out Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien's eight secrets to a healthier breakfast.

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Don't Skip Breakfast

"People are busy and often skip breakfast, which is a bad idea," says Lisa. "Or they grab whatever is in front of them like donuts or muffins, and those aren't great choices for breakfast."

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Make Something Simple

"People don't realize how important protein is!" exclaims Lisa. "One of my favorite breakfasts that's easy and fast is a high-fiber, 100-calorie flat bagel with PHILADELPHIA 2X Protein Cream Cheese Spread (Honey flavor!) and a little lox. A nice amount of protein and some Omega 3s!"

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Plan Ahead

One of the biggest mistakes people make at breakfast is "not planning! Hitting up the conference room or kitchen at work and eating pastries or making bad choices at the drive-thru," explains Lisa. "Instead, they should plan ahead -- make breakfast and eat at home or take it with them to work!"

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Say Yes to Coffee

"...but drink it black, or have it with a small amount of milk (skim, almond, etc.) or a little bit of non-dairy creamer and a low-calorie or calorie-free sweetener of your choice. People tend to over-sweeten and over-cream their coffees," Lisa says. "So I say yes to coffee, if you can keep it to around 40 calories or less!"

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Find an Alternative to Frying

"Instead of frying eggs, cook them in the microwave! [It's] so easy. A lot of things people typically fry can also be baked," Lisa offers.

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Cut Carbs at Breakfast

"Load up on satisfying protein, shares Lisa. "I love to put egg whites in the microwave mixed with light cheeses."

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Make Smart Choices

"Center-cut bacon or turkey bacon are both better than sausage, [and] pancakes are way lighter than French toast. Egg whites are lower in fat and calories than whole eggs," Lisa offers.

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Get Creative and Keep It Fresh

Lisa recommends making breakfast at home to keep it healthy and take it to the next level. "Breakfast might be my favorite meal of the day, so I'm always finding new ways to enjoy it!" she shares.

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Lisa Lillien is the host of Hungry Girl on the Food Network and Cooking Channel, author of the super popular Hungry Girl daily newsletter and a pro at transforming unhealthy meals into healthier ones. She focuses on eating tips that are actually realistic and today she shares a few of her secrets for making a healthy breakfast.

Check out the slideshow above for Lisa's eight secrets to a healthier breakfast.

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