8 Reasons You've Been Eating Hamburgers All Wrong

8 Reasons You've Been Eating Hamburgers All Wrong
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8 Reasons You've Been Eating Hamburgers All Wrong

Read on for the right way to eat hamburgers.

Holding the Burger

Japanese scientists have discovered the "right" way to hold a hamburger. Most people grip the burger with their thumbs on the bottom of the bun; however, to avoid a messy dining experience, try enjoying the hamburger with the thumb and pinky at the bottom of the bun. According to a four-month study, this improved grip helps to avoid ingredients from spilling.

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Burger Building

You may be building your burger all wrong. Starting from the bottom, a burger should be constructed in this order: toasted bun, condiments like ketchup and mustard, pickles, meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, mayo and top bun. Ketchup and mustard are ideal condiments for the bottom bun because they won't get all over your clothes. Pickles go beneath the meat so that they don't overpower the meat's flavor. The cheese goes on top of the meat to help hold down the tomato, along with the lettuce.

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The Bun

Can't figure out why your bun gets so soggy so fast? Soggy buns are the worst. To avoid them, toast the buns on both sides.

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Bun to Meat Ratio

If you aren't pleased with the way your burgers turn out, it could also be that you're choosing the wrong type of bun entirely. The type of bun matters immensely to the burger. Fattier burgers hold up better with a brioche bun, while thinner burgers are fine with a leaner dough.

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We showed you how to build a sturdy burger in a previous slide, but if you want to try another technique (or aren't a fan of the previously mentioned ingredients), try placing lettuce on the bottom bun. Adding lettuce to the bottom bun, below the meat, is another way you can prevent the meal from getting too soggy.

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Eat the Burger Upside Down

If all else fails, eat your burger upside down. The top bun is usually thicker than the bottom, so there will be more dough to absorb any excess condiments or juice from the meat.

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You know those tiny, white condiment cups? It turns out they actually expand more than you think. Fanning the cup out wider can really come in handy when you need a little extra dunk of ketchup on your burger.

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Tomatoes can also add that little extra something you need on your burger, but not if they turn into a soggy mess. Cut the tomato with a serrated knife and then drain it of its liquid. Then let the tomato slices rest in a bit of salt and pepper to enhance the flavor even more.

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It's true that the preparation of the burger provides its flavor, but what happens afterward? Once you have the finished product, building the burger itself still requires some skill. Sometimes buns get soggy, or the bun to meat ratio may be totally off. To make sure your burger stays together and provides maximum enjoyment, you'll want to know the mistakes you might be making.

Check out the slideshow above for 8 reasons you've been eating burgers wrong.

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