8 Miracle Drinks to Boost Metabolism

8 Miracle Drinks to Boost Metabolism

We all want secrets on how to boost our metabolisms. Many people struggle with losing weight — not to mention keeping it off — due to misinformation about diets and a lack of knowledge about what exactly needs to be done to avoid packing on unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy weight for your particular body type.

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Your metabolism incorporates enzymes and hormones that help your body convert food into energy. It can either use this fuel immediately, or else it gets stored in muscle or tissue, or as fat.

While people burn calories at different rates, achieving a healthy body weight doesn't have to be an impossible goal: in addition to working out, a healthy diet can help you lose fat and gain muscle mass.

You just have to be wise and vigilant when choosing what goes into your mouth, because those choices ultimately manifest in the body.

By choosing the right foods, whether in the form of solids or liquids, you can rev up your metabolism. We have selected some fun drinks you may want to partake in to turbo-charge your metabolism.

In brief, make sure you get plenty of fiber, vitamin D, iron, antioxidants and most importantly, always opt for water — plain old water with no flavor or colors is great for flushing out your system, and improves the functioning of many organs. Artificial dyes and colors work against you, and may contribute to weight gain and a host of other problems down the road, including diabetes.

Check out the slideshow above for 8 drinks that help boost metabolism.

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