8 Meatless Grilling Tips

"Grilling doesn't have to be about meat," says Molly Siegler, the Culinary Content Editor for Whole Foods Market. From flavorful fruits and vegetables, meat substitutions like tofu and tempeh, and grilled pizza, there are plenty of non-meat reasons to fire up the grill.

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To get the best grilling results and avoid any sticky situations, we've consulted with Siegler to compile a list of her best meatless grilling tips. According to Siegler, there are certain vegetables and fruits that are best for grilling. The iconic summer grilled corn is a must, but it's grilled best when left in the husk.

Check out the slideshow above for more of these grilling tips and make this summer as delicious as possible. Even if your main dish is a protein, make grilled vegetables a healthy side dish or grilled fruit a part of your dessert.

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