8 Fantastic Fig Recipes

8 Fantastic Fig Recipes

I say "Fig!" and you say "Newton!" Sure, the filling inside the famous cookie might taste like figs for some people, but it's hard to beat the real thing when figs are in season. Juicy, mildly sweet, and slightly nutty, biting down into a fresh fig is a treat for the senses. Come the end of summer, there are few better treats than ripe, fresh figs.

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And so, with succulent figs at their peak, it's time once again to start flexing our creative muscles. This week, The Daily Meal's editorial staff has worked hard to bring you some great recipes. Check out, for example, this Fig and Cream Cheese Tarts recipe by our Cook editor, Anne Dolce. It's a snap to make, even if you're not much of a baker, and it's just as comfortable sharing your palate with a bottle of beer as it is with a glass of fine port.

And, once again, we are lucky to have members of our Culinary Content Network join in on the fun. Milisa Armstrong, author of the blog Miss in the Kitchen, created a wonderful Fresh Fig and Honey Compote that's great as a spread for sandwiches or on top of vanilla ice cream.

Also, Christie Ellis, known as the Pepper Lynn, focuses on cooking nutritious, flavorful meals for her family based on what's fresh and in season. Ellis recently published a recipe on her blog for a Fresh Fig, Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto Sandwich that you can't miss out on.

Last, but not least, Lyndsy Hassett, author of The Dinnervine, crafted a crostini that's picture perfect. We're willing to bet that you won't be able to eat just one.

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