8 Creepy Facts About Food

8 Creepy Facts About Food

If you love meat, yogurt or cheese you may not want to watch the video above. These weird facts about food could really change your perspective.

Remember when the media exposed the pink slime hiding ground beef? Pink slime is a blend of trimmings and scraps of the animal that were once considered safe only for dog food. Only two years ago 70 percent of market ground beef contained amonia-doused "pink slime," according to the video. Even now, pink slime will be making a comeback, according to NPR.

There may not be reason to feel better about eating hot dogs either. Hot dog filler contains meat trimmings, fat and cereal filler. Cereal filler contains bread crumbs and oatmeal or flour, which probably isn't something you'd expect to be in a hot dog.

If you think avoiding meat is the answer, that might not be safe either. BuzzFeed reports that shredded cheese contains wood pulp to keep the cheese from clumping. Some makers use cellulose, which is refined wood pulp. Oh, and it's sometimes used in ice cream or salad dressings too. Meanwhile, the trendy Greek yogurt could have its faults as well. The process of making it creates toxic waste, which no one knows what to do with.

On top of everything else, it also turns out you can't count maraschino cherries as a fruit. The process of making maraschino cherries takes real cherries and then bleaches them. Then they are marinated in corn syrup and then re-dyed red!

Watch the video above to discover more creepy facts about food.