7 Unique McDonald's Happy Meals From Around the World

7 Unique McDonald’s Happy Meals From Around the World
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7 Unique McDonald's Happy Meals From Around the World

Most children are happy as a clam with a plain cheeseburger, but these international McDonald's offer menu items that cater more to a given country’s palate.

Pizzarotto, Italy

McDonald’s introduced the Pizzarotto, a mini-calzone filled with tomato and mozzarella, earlier this year. Surrounded by authentic Italian pizza, it was pretty bold for the American-based company to try to compete with its own calzone, but it is a nice alternative to a hamburger.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s

Veggie Surprise, Bahrain

The veggie surprise remains a secret on Bahrain’s menu. It’s uncertain what exactly is inside this veggie surprise pattie other than a mix of vegetables, but that is for the eight-year-old eating it to find out. Other than that, Bahrain’s Happy Meal menu remains the same with McDonald’s World Famous Fries and a drink.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s

Corn Sticks, Israel

On Israel’s Happy Meal breakfast menu, kids can indulge in six corn sticks with carrot munchies. They’re a polenta-like base that's then fried. Breakfast of champions.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s

Tavuklu Buger, Turkey

The Tavuklu burger is basically a chicken burger with a special sauce that the Turkish McDonald’s added to appeal to local tastes.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s

Pork Burger, Thailand

You don’t normally think of pork when it comes to McDonald’s, but Thailand offers a child-size pork burger with apple wedges.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s

Spicy Chicken Burger, Pakistan

To change things up for this market, the Pakistan McDonald’s took the chicken burger and added a spicy sauce with crispy shredded lettuce.

Image Credit: Facebook/McDonald\'s

Croque McDo, France

The Croque McDo on the Happy Meal has melted Swiss cheese and ham pressed between two English muffins. It’s a simple, classic ham and cheese sandwich that's also a French café classic. Instead of fries, cherry tomatoes or melon are offered. No wonder the French are generally so skinny.

Image Credit: McDonald\'s


Through the years, not much has changed in the iconic McDonald's Happy Meal. Children around the country can expect the same juicy cheeseburger, classic french fries, and of course the toy. (Who can forget Beanie Babies, or Mulan, the first international Happy Meal toy?)

7 Unique McDonald's Happy Meals From Around the World

Around the world, McDonald's menus vary and draw on local flavors to be more appealing to their target audience. While the regular menu options might be dramatically different than what most of us know in the U.S., the Happy Meal generally remains the same across borders. A choice of burger or chicken nuggets, a side (nowadays a fruit option is consistently offered alongside fries), and a drink, please.

But there are also some menus that have items that are unique to their given location, like a mini calzone in Italy, or a chicken burger with a special spicy sauce in Pakistan. Even more, while American McDonald's might not be known for their ham and cheese, 'McDo' (as it's often called in France) serves a version of the classic croque-monsieur on its Happy Meal menu.

Check out the slideshow above to see what McDonald's is serving up around the world.

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