7 Meatloaves That (Might) Beat Grandma's


by Ricky Smith

Food can bring back so many different memories from childhood — family meals around the dinner table, weeknight dishwasher duties, Mom's failed attempt at homemade sushi — but it's hard to beat the comforting tastes and memories that come with a slice of meatloaf. Let's face it: Meatloaf is basically a giant meatball, and no one is mad about that. Juicy ground meat and soft veggies only get better with a big dollop of that classic, sweet sauce. But just like every other classic dinner, there are tons of new spins on the original recipe, like vegetable-packed versions and even meatloaf muffins.

Check out the slideshow above for 7 meatloaf recipes that (might) beat Grandma's.

This post originally appeared on Food Network: 7 Meatloaves That (Might) Beat Grandma's.

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