7 Gingerbread Houses to Buy

7 Gingerbread Houses to Buy
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7 Gingerbread Houses to Buy

Gingerbread Ranch

This Jacksonville gingerbread house from Harry and David is as classic as it gets in the Christmas cookie department, $69.95

Credit: Harry and David

Gingerbread Lighthouse

Modeled after Maine's Nubble Light, this adorable treat from Stonewall Kitchen is definitely for the creative recipient, $44.95

Credit: Stonewall Kitchen

Gingerbread Igloo

Nothing is cuter than this mini igloo from Harry and David. Fixed with penguins and polar bears, it's a winter delight, $59.95

Credit: Harry and David

Gingerbread Chalet

Love to ski? Top your table with this "snowy" chalet from Sur La Table, $29.95

Credit: Sur La Table

Gingerbread Personalized

Make it personal and brand your gingerbread gift for it's recipient with this one from Williams-Sonoma, $56.95

Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Gingerbread Estate

The Rolls-Royce of gingerbread houses, check our this luxurious estate by Williams-Sonoma, $249.95

Credit: Williams-Sonoma

Colorful Gingerbread

Made from the connoisseurs of candy, Dylan's Candy Bar, this house is fixed with all the great sweets, $40.

Credit: Dylan's Candy Bar


Making and decorating gingerbread houses together as a family is a traditional pastime for many during the holidays. Although in reality, not many eat the whole house, they're something to marvel at when they're done, aren't they?

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The downside to hectic schedules, too many extra-curricular activities, and long work days can be that free time is scarce. Maybe there isn't enough time to build a house of your own, but that doesn't mean the holiday fun has to stop.

Plenty of gourmet sites like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table have gingerbread houses for sale. And while they maybe a little too perfect, without that droopy roof your brother is known for or your dad's impeccable candy cane walkway, they certainly bring the Christmas cheer.

We've rounded up a few of our favorites that are for purchase. Whether you're adding one to your own home or sending one to your sister who lives a few hours away, these are fantastic holiday sentiments, not to mention delicious.

Check out the slideshow above to find our recommendations for the best gingerbread houses to buy!

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