7 Baking Secrets from Melissa Ben-Ishay

7 Baking Secrets from Melissa Ben-Ishay
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7 Baking Secrets from Melissa Ben-Ishay

Read on to learn tips to empower yourself in the kitchen from Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked By Melissa.

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How to make baking less intimidating

When Melissa finds something she loves to bake or cook, she makes it over and over again. She says that doing so is a great confidence builder. Then, once you build that confidence, you can start experimenting in the kitchen. "If you see a recipe you love, but an ingredient you don’t, start with something that is kind of the same consistency. So if you mess up or you make a mistake, so what? That’s awesome. You learn about it and you never make that mistake again," Melissa says.

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The advice she doesn't follow

Melissa watches cooking shows "all day every day," and says she doesn't agree with one thing she hears a lot of cooks saying. "I hear them say, 'Well, I don't usually bake, but when I do, i have to measure everything perfect.' There are certain recipes you need to follow perfectly. But if you put more flour or baking soda, it’ll rise more or be a little thicker, and it’s fine," Melissa shares.

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Biggest mistake people make when baking

"Following the recipe..." Melissa says. "Baking is an opportunity to do whatever you want. Depending on what you are baking for, you can change it to meet the needs or the wants of the people you love."

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Ingredients you should add to your baked goods

Melissa admits she loves her candy, and has found a way to translate that love into her baking at home as well as her famous cupcakes. "I’m a chocolate and peanut butter person," she shares. "[If] I didn’t make anything for dessert, I’ll take a graham cracker and put Nutella on it and peanut butter and fluff, if we have it. Those are my ingredients. Those are always my favorite ingredients, from when I was at my best friend’s house in high school or when I was baking in the kitchen and creating the first Baked by Melissa flavors."

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Most important items to have on hand

Melissa recommends always having rubber gloves around when you're baking or cooking. "[It's] something I really only learned about since we started the company," she says. "Now I have them in my kitchen and I use them all the time. Whether it is just mixing something with your hands or peeling beets."

Melissa also loves the food processor, and suggests always having a spatula on hand when you're baking "to get every last bit," she says.

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First thing new bakers should make

"Cookies," Melissa shares. "I love baking cookies. Chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. I can make 10 different types of cookies with sugar cookie dough. So if you figure out how to make the dough, you can add whatever you want. I like to stuff sugar cookies or roll them with rainbow sprinkles. The sugar cookie dough is a blank canvas. With chocolate chip cookies, my favorite has peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips...everything."

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Rule of thumb

"People freak out about things they don't really know, so just don't freak out over it!" Melissa shares.

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Melissa Ben-Ishay loves to bake so much, she turned her passion into a thriving business. So it's no wonder the woman behind Baked by Melissa has a ton of tricks up her sleeve when it comes to the kitchen. From a tip to make the kitchen less intimidating (particularly if you're new to cooking) to the biggest mistake people make when baking, Melissa has a ton of insider tricks for empowering yourself in the kitchen.

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