6 Halloween Hacks You Can Do in a Pinch

6 Halloween Hacks You Can Do in a Pinch

It's time to start carving up those pumpkins! (Because what is Halloween without a Jack-o'-lantern anyway?) If you're not the best at carving pumpkins, have no fear. There are so many easy ways to get creative with your pumpkin, and many of them can be done in a pinch!

Start with using a dry-erase marker to draw the design of your pumpkin. That way you can easily erase the drawings and figure out what you'd ultimately like to see the pumpkin look like. You can also use a stencil and a thumb tack to prick a design in place. Go ahead and carve it or leave it as it is! If carving is too time consuming for you, consider using a drill to design your pumpkin. Use the machine cautiously! You can also use a cookie cutter and a hammer. Cautiously hammer the cookie cutter into the desired space. Then you'll have a fun shape for the light to creep through.

Another helpful trick is to cut the top off the pumpkin a little further down the side than you'd ordinarily do. That way you can easily scoop out the pumpkin pulp. Jack-o'-lanterns get their spooky feel from the candle placed inside of them, so you could also consider replacing the traditional candle with a glow stick for a more unique light source.

Watch the video above for 6 Halloween hacks you can do in a pinch. Then, check out the slideshow below for more tips on carving a pumpkin!

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