6 Favorite Holiday Foods That Should Be on the Naughty List

6 Favorite Holiday Foods That Should Be on the Naughty List

Holiday revelers can pack on up to 10 lbs. every Christmas season. Many of us look forward to the treats that come out only once a year, but some of our favorite holiday goodies pack a wallop of fat, calories, sugar and carbs. These are the 6 festive foods to put right on the naughty list!

You might be surprised to see this one on the list: fruitcake. The notorious holiday confection might sound healthy because it's made of mostly fruit, but don't judge a book by its cover. Fruitcake clocks in at around 450 calories and almost 20 grams of fat a slice. That's pretty steep for a dessert that no one actually wants to eat.

Eggnog might be one of the most iconic holiday drinks but consume enough of the frothy beverage and your belly will shake when you laugh like a bowl full of jelly. Eggnog packs a punch of bad for you ingredients. There is a hefty serving of egg yolks and whole milk—which are not bad in moderation, but mixed with heavy cream, sugar, and of course, alcohol, and you might as well just eat a tray of cookies.

Holiday Coffee
Another drink on the naughty list is pretty much any holiday-themed coffee drink. Starbucks released its Chestnut Praline Latte this year, and what says Christmas more than chestnuts roasting by the open fire? Don't let visions of Nat King Cole singing by the yule log bait you into consuming this cup of sugar. A Grande has 39 grams of sugar—which is the same as drinking a 12-oz. bottle of Coke.

Looking forward to trussing up a Christmas goose this year? Well, what's good for the goose might be good for the gander, but not for you. Goose is all dark meat, so it's higher in fat than turkey or chicken. Just one small portion without the skin, the gravy or the fixins' has over 20 grams of fat.

If you celebrate Hanukkah, you know the best part of the celebration is the latkes. These golden disks of perfection are dripping with deep fried fat and starchy carbs from the potatoes. Just a small one—and you know you never have just one—is about 250 empty calories. And many latke enthusiasts swear by topping the crispy goodness with sour cream, which just adds insult to injury.

Swedish Meatballs
Finally, Swedish Meatballs. Those who are on a low carb or a high-protein diet might make a beeline for these, but these crowd pleasers are shockingly bad for you. Don't be fooled, they're not really carb-free—a traditional recipe calls for bread. And most include store-bought beef broth, which is packed with sodium. You can easily go over your daily sodium intake with just a handful!

Watch the video above to learn all about the 6 foods that can put you on the naughty list this year.