6 Easy Hacks for Hard-to-Open Things

6 Easy Hacks for Hard-to-Open Things

Stop struggling with hard-to-open items! Learn how to pry open stubborn jars and other objects with these simple hacks shown in the Buzzfeed video above.

Ever find yourself in a pinch without a pair of scissors handy? Don't get all worked up! You can still open those frustratingly sealed plastic packages. Just use a can opener as you would on a can, but glide it along the the edge of the plastic packaging instead.

No one around to help you open a particularly stubborn jar? There is nothing more frustrating than having a container lid stand between you and your food. Start by tapping the corners of the lid on a hard surface. Then, place a rubber band around the lid, which will provide you with a better grip. The top should now be easier for you to unscrew, so you can enjoy the goodies inside that jar!

Sometimes, it's not just packages and jars that can give you a hard time. Peeling garlic can also be tedious, but this simple hack allows you to peel a head of garlic in under a minute! First, smash the entire bulb really well. Then, toss all of the garlic in a bowl, and place another one upside down on top so that you create a closed dome shape with the two bowls. Shake the bowls together vigorously for 20 seconds to remove the skin from the garlic.

Watch the video above to see six easy hacks for these hard-to-open items as well as pistachios, bags of food and nail polish! Then, check out the slideshow below for 15 time-saving dinner hacks!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed