6 Desserts in 6 Ingredients or Less

Did you know that you can make dessert with only six ingredients or less? Our contributor Rebekah Hubbard of PDXfoodlove gives you six scrumptious recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. From Key Lime Tart to Orange-Chocolate Bark, we hope to help you whip up treats that will oblige your guests and your shopping list.

I wanted dessert, but not a huge dessert. So I cut my favorite dessert in half, horizontally. And this happened. I love key lime pie so much - for some reason, lime is one of my very favorite flavors (also on the list are chocolate, hops and basil. Not together). Anyway, you can only buy key lime juice in one size of bottle - enough to make 4+ pies - and expires in November. I consider that a personal challenge.

Check out the slideshow above to learn how Rebekah makes deliciously easy desserts.

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