5 Ways Americans Are Eating and Preparing Food Wrong

5 Ways Americans Are Eating and Preparing Food Wrong

Have you been eating these international foods all wrong? Many Americans are eating popular foods like udon soup, French onion soup and even tea all wrong, and this entertaining video demonstrates the wrong and right way to eat them!

Take edamame beans for example, which are a popular Japanese snack. If you're squeezing those beans out of the pod and willy nilly into your hand, you've already gone one step too far. Instead, place your fingers on both sides of the pod and pop the beans straight into your mouth! Not only is it the proper way to eat edamame beans, it's also a lot more fun, too!

Are you committing the classic mistake of swirling your udon noodles on your fork like you're in Italy eating a bowl of spaghetti? Next time you dine on these Japanese noodles, try using a pair of chopsticks, and don't be shy about puckering up and slurping those noodles!

There's plenty more techniques that this fun video will teach! You'll learn the proper way to eat bread with your French onion soup, the Asian stir-fry dish you surprisingly don't eat chopsticks with and the reason you should never pour your milk first when drinking tea. As an added bonus, the video throws in some interesting facts about table etiquette!

Check out the video above to discover the five foods that Americans are eating and preparing all wrong.