5 Snacks You're Eating Wrong

Comfort foods get their name for a reason. Classic items like chips and ice cream are incredibly popular foods. If you enjoy beloved snacks like ice cream or Cheetos, you could be enjoying them all wrong! The video above shows you how to improve the experience of these foods in a variety of simple ways.

It's easy to spot someone who has just eaten a bag of Cheetos. The cheese of the chips easily gets stuck to fingers. To avoid being caught orange-handed, try eating Cheetos with a pair of chopsticks to prevent a mess. Speaking of mess, isn't freezer-burned ice cream just the worst? It can really ruin the joyous experience of eating ice cream altogether! To prevent the inevitable freezer burn of ice cream, just store the container in a plastic bag. It could not be easier to enjoy the best ice cream possible!

Ice cream isn't the only thing that should stored in a plastic bag. Tossing leftover salad or greens into a bag is great for use the next day, but the food might not stay so fresh. It may sound odd, but blow into the bag full of salad before sealing it. The CO2 from your breath should keep the leaves fresher. Check out the video above to learn how to improve coffee, BLTs and more!

Watch the video above to learn how you're eating these 5 foods all wrong.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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