5 Secrets to Make Grilled Cheese Healthier

5 Secrets to Make Grilled Cheese Healthier
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5 Secrets to Make Grilled Cheese Healthier

1. Pick the right cheese:

When it comes to grilled cheese, not all cheese is created equal. Some people love American cheese. It has superior melting qualities, but it falls short on flavor (not to mention that it’s not even really cheese to begin with). So skip mild-flavored cheeses and opt for ones with a stronger flavor—like sharp, or even extra-sharp, Cheddar. You’ll get more bang for your buck and because it’s big on flavor you won’t have to use as much, which helps cut fat and calories.

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2. Think beyond cheese for flavor:

OK, so cheese is a necessary ingredient. But you don’t have to have mounds of it to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. You can get that hit of soft melted loveliness that cheese contributes by using just a little—and mixing it with other ingredients like mashed beans or even salsa and hot chiles. They not only contribute their own unique flavor, but they help carry the benefits of the cheese, the salty ooey-gooey factor, without lots of fat and calories.

3. Choose better bread:

Conjure an iconic image of grilled cheese in your mind and it more than likely is made with white bread. But whole-grain breads are great for grilled cheese too. If you upgrade to a slightly fancier, country-style loaf (not typical sandwich bread wrapped in plastic) you’ll get better flavor, more bite and a crisper crust—not to mention added fiber.

4. Master a crispy crust:

Grilled cheese is actually a misnomer. It should be called "fried cheese sandwich" since it’s slathered in fat and not actually grilled. The butter does play a role in creating that nice golden outer crust, but you can get that without adding fat. How? Use a panini maker. The hot surface compresses the bread, helping it crisp up naturally. Don’t have a panini maker? No problem. You can mimic a panini press at home.

5. Know that everything isn’t better with butter:

The butter on the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich not only crisps up the crust, but gives it richness as well. But since grilled cheese is already rich (Hello! The cheese!), you really don’t need butter for the flavor either. Instead, experiment with creamy spreads you put inside that are lower in fat, such as reduced-fat mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon or reduced-fat sour cream mixed with chopped fresh herbs.

From integrating hot chiles to adding strawberry jam, check out some of our favorite grilled cheese recipe ideas.

Hot Chile Grilled Cheese

This deconstructed version of a chile relleno turned sandwich packs some heat and an ooey-gooey filling. We like the flavor of sourdough, but any kind of bread will work well.

Get the recipe: Hot Chile Grilled Cheese

Grilled Ham and Cheese with Strawberry-Red-Wine Jam

The secret to Chris Kronner's delectable sandwiches is the jam spiked with Pinot Noir!

Get the recipe: Grilled Ham and Cheese

Multigrain Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Chef Way Seamus Mullen's gooey Spanish version of a grilled cheese contains Mahón, Manchego and Idiazábal, as well as tomatoes that are roasted slowly overnight.

Get the recipe: Multigrain Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Thin Me Up and Watch Me Go!

Try this healthier grilled cheese recipe that skips the butter and goes big on flavors like avocado and goat cheese.

Get the recipe: Thin Me Up and Watch Me Go!

Pre-Turkey Melt(down)

Skip the buttered toast for a croissant for this deliciously simple grilled cheese.

Get the recipe: Pre-Turkey Melt(down)


Can there ever be too much cheese? This recipe uses macaroni and cheese for extra cheesy goodness.

Get the recipe: MacNcheesy

Go Fig'ger

Excite your taste buds with this creamy grilled cheese recipe that uses fig and arugula.

Get the recipe: Go Fig'ger


By: Hilary Meyer

Grilled cheese seems like the perfect food. It's easy to make, has few ingredients and sports a crispy crust and a warm, gooey, cheesy center. What's not to love? How about the 410 calories and 18 grams of saturated fat per sandwich? I don't love that.

"Bad" Foods You Don't Have to Feel Guilty About Eating

Grilled cheese can attribute its high fat and calories to the butter spread on the outside of the bread to make it crispy and the copious amounts of cheese in the middle. Pair that with a couple of slices of plain white bread and you have a nutritional disaster. But do you really need all of that to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich? No!

Check out the slideshow above to see 5 secrets for making grilled cheese that save calories and fat to boot--plus a few amazing grilled cheese recipes!

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