5 Must-Have Foods for Restaurateur John McDonald

5 Must-Have Foods for Restaurateur John McDonald
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5 Must-Have Foods for Restaurateur John McDonald

Restaurateur John McDonald knows good food. Read on to discover the foods he can't live without!

1. Salmon (or some sort of protein)

"I have a proclivity towards eating Paleo so I try to keep high-quality cuts of meat and clean, fresh seafood in the house," John explains. "That’s what we’re hoping to do at Bowery Meat Company as well—offer high-quality options that are healthy, but still get to the crux of meat being indulgent and delicious."

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2. EBoost

"I was a fan of a bunch of European effervescent vitamins, and a friend of mine (who's now my partner in this business) and I realized that no one in the United States was doing it the same way, so we did a lot of R&D and figured out what was in these products," John explains. "It's premium natural energy with vitamins, minerals, and green tea. You want to help your body from a recovery perspective. It's a fast, effective alternative to popping vitamins and pills. I still drink coffee, but much less than I used to—if I have one of these with lunch, I'm fine."

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3. Sriracha

"Ten years ago, no one but chefs knew what [Sriracha] was, and now it's in every refrigerator," John remarks. "I can put it on any protein. A lot of times I'll order a piece of plain grilled salmon and rub Sriracha and lemon into it. I do the same thing for steak, chicken, whatever. There's nothing you can't put it on."

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4. 22 Days Protein bars

John swears by 22 Days Protein bars when traveling. They are vegan, organic and gluten-free.

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5. Chef's Cut Real Jerky

"Chef's Cut Real Jerky is all natural with premium cuts of steak. They have a great variety of flavors and spices," says John.

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Restaurateur John McDonald has been successfully shaping New York City's restaurant scene for years now, and the latest buzz surrounds his newly opened steakhouse Bowery Meat Company with chef and co-owner Josh Capon. Knowing his penchant for great dining, we were curious to know what foods John can't live without outside of his restaurants, whether at home or on the go.

Check out the slideshow above for the foods John McDonald told us he loves. Then, learn 5 things you didn't know about the restaurateur, see his 7 favorite foodie photos from Instagram and learn how he stays healthy and fit with such a busy schedule.

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