5 Fresh Hacks For Everyday Leftovers

5 Fresh Hacks For Everyday Leftovers

Let's face it: sometimes we cook or buy too much food. Opening the fridge or pantry to be faced with leftovers that are either drying out or getting stale is no fun. However, you probably don't realize that leftovers can sometimes be more enjoyable than the actual meal. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration for what to do with those stale chips or leftover 7-Up after a big party in order to make something even more delicious (or just plain useful). These hacks will help.

Did you know that you can revive stale tortilla chips by putting them on a paper towel in the microwave? You can transform them into nachos too while you're at it! Voila, a tasty appetizer.

7-Up is actually an incredibly useful kitchen tool. The soft drink can help to keep fruit from turning brown. Just leave chopped up fruits that brown easily (like apples and bananas) in a bowl of leftover 7-Up. The drink can even help flowers to stay fresh! Mix water, 7-Up and bleach and use that as your vase liquid to help flowers grow and last longer.

And we're not done yet. Did you know you don't need to buy packs of dried fruit to eat as a snack? You can make the snack in the oven! If you've bought a big bag of cherries and aren't quite sure what to do with all of them, you can slowly cook them in the oven for six hours and they'll become the perfect sweet bite when you get hungry.

Watch the video above to learn more about fresh hacks for common leftovers.