5 Food Magic Tricks You Need to Try

5 Food Magic Tricks You Need to Try

You may have been told not to play with your food, but how about exploring its natural magical qualities? These five tricks are so cool, they practically seem like real magic!

Milk is art. Well, once you add soap and food coloring it is. Pour milk into a bowl. Add several types of food coloring to the milk. Then, dip a Q-tip into some dish liquid. Place the soapy end of the Q-tip into the colorful and milky mixture for a psychedelic swirl of colors. Milk has never been so groovy.

Bananas can even be used to pass notes or draw on. Use a tooth pick to write something into the skin of a banana. The etching will appear faint at first, but after letting the banana sit for an hour, the writing will turn brown and become visible.

Eggs are pretty wild too. You can actually blow an egg away. Want to learn how? Just take a hard-boiled egg and peel both ends of the shell off. Then roll the egg gently on a flat surface. Grip the egg carefully and blow through one end. The egg should pop right out of the other side!

But these aren't the only tricks you can pull off with food! Watch the video above to learn how you can play around with a bottle of coke and an orange too.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed