5 Foil Hacks to Wrap Your Head Around

5 Foil Hacks to Wrap Your Head Around

Aluminum foil is a great kitchen staple to keep around for wrapping up leftovers and even transporting food, but there are many ways to use this magical foil that are not limited to the sandwich you take to work. Aluminum foil can help to heat up frozen pizza, and can even make dish washing easier.

According to the Buzzfeed video above, aluminum foil provides a great all-purpose material perfect for storing and reheating pizza! Wrap up individual slices of pizza and then stick them in the freezer for another day. When a pizza craving strikes, just place the frozen slice, stilled wrapped in foil, on a baking sheet in the oven at 400 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes. The foil helps to heat up the pizza evenly so that you can enjoy a cheesy and crunchy slice in no time.

In addition to helping you enjoy pizza, aluminum foil is also a useful tool when washing dishes. When stubborn food sticks to your dishes, you can crumple up the foil into a ball and use it like steel wool to scrub food off dishes.

Did you know that aluminum foil is a super helpful material to sharpen a pair of dull scissors? This is a super easy technique too. Just start slicing into a sheet of aluminum foil a few times to sharpen the scissors!

Watch the video above for five nifty foil hacks! Then, check out the slideshow below to discover 15 unusual uses for common household items!

Image Credit: Buzzfeed