5 Crafty St. Patrick's Day Treats Kids Will Love!

5 Crafty St. Patrick's Day Treats Kids Will Love!
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5 Crafty St. Patrick's Day Treats Kids Will Love!

Pieces of Emerald

Kids will be amazed that you can make hard candy at home. These are flavored with peppermint, but if you prefer, try coconut, orange or lemon extract instead. Boiling sugar is an adults-only job, but children can dust on the confectioners’ sugar and crack the finished candy.

Get the recipe: Pieces of Emerald

Irish Sea Foam Shake

A dash of seltzer or club soda makes this shake foam up in the glass. Mint chocolate chip or pistachio ice cream work well in this fun drink—not only are they usually tinted green, but the flecks of chocolate or nuts are like the flecks of seaweed in the foam on the Irish Sea!

Get the recipe: Irish Sea Foam Shake

Green Cheese Sandwiches

Kids will love this mild, savory filling that gets its green hue from a bit of food coloring. Pair with a bowl of soup (potato, naturally!) for a tasty lunch.

Get the recipe: Green Cheese Sandwiches

Pot o'Gold Cupcakes

If you have a specialty candy store in your area, you may find actual gold M&Ms, which are just the thing for filling these cupcake pots. Even if you use regular yellow candies, kids will be thrilled to discover what’s at the end of this particular rainbow.

Get the recipe: Pot o’Gold Cupcakes

Patrick's Potato Cakes

There’s no such thing as leftover mashed potatoes in Ireland, because extra spuds mean potato cakes, which are met with cheers whether served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let children help mix the dough and pat out the cakes. Serve with a small pat of butter on top.

Get the recipe: Patrick’s Potato Cakes


You won't need the luck o' the Irish to get your kids to eat (and help make) these adorable St. Patrick's Day recipes.

To learn how to make these five crafty St. Patrick's Day treats you and your kids will love, check out our slideshow above!

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