The 5 Best Mojito (and Mojito-Inspired) Recipes

The mojito is a delicious summer cocktail that originates from Cuba. One of the stories behind the mojito is definitely a case of necessity being the mother of invention. Some accounts say that over a century ago, good rum was hard to come by for farmers in Cuba. To make the unpleasant rum drinkable, Cuban farmers would mix sugarcane juice, lime and mint. Eventually, the drink moved from Cuban farms more inland, where the drink evolved to be made with carbonated water, a lot of ice and a tall glass. Other accounts say that the drink was invented long before that in the 1500s by Francis Drake, and that at the time it was consumed for medicinal purposes.

Regardless of its true origins, it's clear that the mojito is now wildly popular. The refreshing cocktail is so good that it's even made its way into foods like marinades or even popsicles.

How to Make a Mojito

For a great mojito, you will need mint leaves, a lime, white sugar, ice cubes, white rum and club soda. Crushing the mint and lime with a muddler will help to release the mint oils and lime juice. Add ice and then pour in the rum and the carbonated water.

Check out the slideshow above for delicious mojito and mojito-inspired recipes.