4 Unusual 'Frankenfruits' Sold in Grocery Stores

4 Unusual 'Frankenfruits' Sold in Grocery Stores

If you love fruit salad, fruit hybrids might be right up your alley! Through breeding, some of your favorite fruits have actually been merged together, forming "Frankenfruits," many of which you can actually find at your grocery store. These fruits look a bit different than what you are used to and many have surprising flavor.

Pluots and plumcots are two popular variations. These summer delicacies are combinations of plums and apricots in varying proportions. According to Liz Sgroi in the video above, these hybrids take years to get right (20 years in the case of the pluot). Two other variations in the pluot and plumcot family are "the dinosaur egg," which has a speckled appearance, and black apricots, which taste more like apricots than plums.

Not into plums and apricots? How about a mixture of honeydew and cantaloupe? Behold: the orange-fleshed honeydew. It's honeydew on the outside but more like cantaloupe in the inside.

While many of the hybrid names are straight forward, if you'd guess that a mango nectarine was a mix of a mango and a nectarine, you'd actually be wrong! In actuality, it is a hybrid of two types of nectarines that end up tasting like mango. Go figure.

For the world's weirdest fruits, check out the slideshow below! Or for more on "Frankenfruits," including how they are made and what they look like, check out the video above!