4 Magic Tricks You Can Do With Eggs

4 Magic Tricks You Can Do With Eggs

Eggs are a magical food if there ever was one. You know eggs can be made a number of ways, including in you're favorite brunch foods like omelets, scrambles and frittatas, but you probably aren't aware of some of the fun magic tricks you can do with this unique ingredient.

That's why Buzzfeed made a video to celebrate the awesome things this food item can do. We're not condoning playing with fire, but for their first trick, they show that if you hold an egg over a gentle flame of a candle until the shell is black, and then drop it into a clear cup of water, the outside of the egg will appear translucent! (Seriously, check it out in the video.)

Did you know that the egg is way stronger than it seems? Though eggs are known to crack and break, if you apply pressure to the top and the bottom of the shell at the same time, the egg will actually remain whole without any damage done to its shell. That's why you can even stand on a carton of eggs without breaking any of them.

If you love hard boiled eggs, then you're well-acquainted with the struggle of peeling them without damaging the egg or even leaving bits of unwanted shell behind. Forget all you've seen before about peeling eggs. To properly dislodge an egg from its shell, simply chip off the top and the bottom parts of the shell of the egg. Then, blow on one end of the egg until it emerges on the other side through the shell. It's magic!

For the final trick, Buzzfeed manages to scramble an egg inside of its shell. Yes, inside of its shell. All you need to complete this trick is an egg and a legging or a sock. You'll have to watch the video to learn the rest of this amazing magic trick.

Watch the video above to learn four magic tricks to do with eggs. Then, check out the slideshow below to discover how you've been cooking eggs all wrong!

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