30 Days of Dog Food: A Pet Lover's Diet

30 Days of Dog Food: A Pet Lover's Diet
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30 Days of Dog Food: A Pet Lover's Diet

Read on to learn more details on Dorothy's experiment, and find out whether the pet food diet is actually good for you.

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How she got started

If you are wondering how Dorothy came up with the idea, the answer is quite simple. She was hungry and the only snack around was the dog treats in her store. After reading the listed ingredients, she decided that the treats were safe to eat and she would try them. (Apparently, they tasted good enough to inspire her to eat them for 30 days straight!)

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Her favorite snacks

Dorothy said that she enjoyed the freezer dried cheddar dog treats and oven baked blueberry treats.

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Is it safe?

So, should you try the diet? Experts say no. While some pet foods may be created using natural ingredients, nutritional requirements for animals are far different than the nutritional requirements for humans.

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The risks involved

Also, consumption of animal food puts humans at risk for contamination and food borne illnesses. Madelyn Fernstrom, TODAY diet and nutrition editor, says, "Choosing to experiment with pet food as a long term option is a nutritional negative and might make you sick."

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Is your pet's food better for you than your food? Pet store owner Dorothy Hunter was on a mission to find out. As an experiment, for 30 days, she ate only cat, bird, and dog food from her organic pet store, Paw's Natural Pet Emporium. Her goal: to promote ingredient awareness. That's quite a dedicated business owner if we've ever seen one!

On her YouTube channel, Dorothy says, "I believe in our products and how good they are; I actually believe our pets are eating better than us. With that said, for the next month, until July 19 ... I'm going to eat dog food for a month."

Dorothy's experiment has wrapped up now, but while it was happening she recorded videos that she posted online to share her findings. One thing she noticed? The dog food gave her gas. In one of her videos she says, "I mean I was feeling good, but the gas was bad." She also shared that she didn't really enjoy some of the options for their texture (as she notes in the video below).

Despite the way her body reacted to the food, Dorothy says she has no regrets. She hopes that by encouraging people to read the ingredients on their food, they will make healthier eating decisions for their pets and for themselves (though it might not be a bad idea for business if there was a marketing strategy behind her unusual diet).

Check out the slideshow above for more details on Dorothy's experiment, and whether or not you should try a pet food diet yourself.

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