3 Tasty Treats for Hanukkah

3 Tasty Treats for Hanukkah

Hanukkah foods like potato pancakes, apple sauce and chocolate gelt can be pretty straightforward, but Martha Stewart knows how to jazz up traditional cuisine!

Dreidels are a traditional part of Hanukkah that many kids love to play with. However, as fun as dreidels are to play with, they're not edible. Luckily, Martha has come up with a clever way to change that. With only marshmallows, chocolate kisses and pretzels, you can make edible dreidels that the kids will (quite literally) eat up. Just melt the chocolate, dip the marshmallows in it and wedge a pretzel stick into the marshmallow for a festive treat!

Potato pancakes, or latkes, are a traditional and savory dish that many make during Hanukkah. Martha Stewart livens up her potato pancakes by making them both sweet and savory. Her secret ingredient? Beer! Fry them up, top them with apple sauce, creme fresh and more.

In addition to latkes, Martha has a great idea for Hanukkah-inspired potato chips. No one will expect these savory treats. Slice up potatoes in the shape of dreidels and stars, and bake them as chips in lieu of potato pancakes. While less traditional, these are such a fun and festive addition to your Hanukkah spread, and make for a great party appetizer.

Watch the video above to learn how to make these three tasty Hanukkah treats from Martha Stewart!

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Image Credit: Martha Stewart