3 Beautifully Simple Breakfast Toasts to Start Your Day

3 Beautifully Simple Breakfast Toasts to Start Your Day

Chassity from Look Linger Love knows that a quick and easy breakfast is necessary to fit into your busy morning routine. She's come up with these super simple and delicious toasts that you can make any day of the week without eating up too much time in the morning!

First, she starts with her kids' favorite: whole wheat toast covered in mascarpone cheese, fig jam and almonds. She recommends covering the toast pretty well (but not too much that you make a big mess once these go into the oven).

For the next one, Chassity puts whipped cream cheese and banana slices on whole wheat toast, then sprinkles cinnamon on top. If you're making these for your kids, Chassity points out that you can do something fun with the bananas like make a smiley face.

Lastly, she shows you how to put together a more savory breakfast toast with ricotta cheese, tomato and chives. Chassity points out that this one is a nice lighter, lower calorie option!

Watch the video above to learn how to make 3 beautifully simple breakfast toasts from Look Linger Love.