25 Grilling Gadgets That Are Less Than $25


There is something about summertime that just screams grilling. Maybe it's the smell of the grill that resonates with warm weather, or how the higher temperatures seem to beckon you outside to cook all of your meals outdoors over an open flame. Whatever the reason, summer means grilling to so many cooks, and so now is the time to make sure you're well outfitted.

Must-Have Grilling Gadgets That Are Under $25

You're probably already armed with your favorite kitschy apron, and your ice-cold brews and lawn furniture are surely ready to go. You hopefully also have all of the essentials on hand as well: a grill, coals, a spatula, and your favorite cut of meat sitting in the fridge. But while these items certainly are enough to start grilling, what if we told you that only a few simple, cheap gadgets can change your entire barbecue experience?

Like a carpenter, your raw talent isn't enough to get the job done. With the help of a few modern gadgets, seemingly impossible grilling tasks can become possible. For instance, did you know that dishes like stuffed peppers could be prepared with the help of Steven Raichlen's Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring? Or that tools like the Jalapeño Pepper Roaster make appetizers easy, and the Grillmark Seasoning Injector can bring your grilled flavors to a whole new level? Even cleanup time and simple organization can be revolutionized with a few of the right tools.

Get your shed stocked with these inexpensive accessories that will change the way you grill forever.

Check out the slideshow above to stock up on 25 inexpensive gadgets for the best of summer grilling.

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