The 21 Best Labor Day Recipes to Try This Year

The 21 Best Labor Day Recipes to Try This Year
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The 21 Best Labor Day Recipes to Try This Year

Read on for the best Labor Day recipes from our contributors.

Lighter Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Lighten up your Caesar salad with a Greek yogurt dressing with help from Savory Nothings. By adding pasta and chicken, you transform the salad into a hearty main dish.

Image Credit: Savory Nothings

Raw Lime Coconut Pie

Try Fork and Beans' raw coconut pie for a healthier take on the classic dessert.

Image Credit: Fork and Beans

Bacon-Sweet Potato Tots with Maple-Mustard Dip

These tater tots from contributor Grab a Plate are made with sweet potatoes and bacon for a mouthwatering treat!

Image Credit: Grab a Plate

Easy Dark Chocolate Cake

Thanks to I Bake He Shoots, you'll have an easy Dark Chocolate Cake that will be irresistible to the guests.

Image Credit: I Bake He Shoots

Thai Chicken Tacos with Spicy Peanut Drizzle

This Labor Day, enjoy grilling chicken and building your own tacos. You won't be able to get enough of this spicy peanut drizzle from The Usual Bliss.

Image Credit: The Usual Bliss

Italian BLT Grilled Cheese

Contributor Chef Savvy has updated the BLT in the most amazing way. No one will be able to get enough of this Italian BLT Grilled Cheese sandwich at your Labor Day party!

Image Credit: Chef Savvy

Cherry Tomato Peach Salsa

Here's another good one from Chef Savvy. This unique salsa combines the best flavors of summer for a perfect addition to your Labor Day spread.

Image Credit: Chef Savvy

Chicken and Avocado Salad

Thanks to Healing and Eating, you can enjoy a healthier chicken salad for your Labor Day party.

Image Credit: Healing and Eating

Pesto Zucchini Pasta

By replacing pasta with julienned zucchini, Healing and Eating has made this dish a little lighter without sacrificing any flavor.

Image Credit: Healing and Eating

Grilled Pizza with Fig, Prosciutto and Blue Cheese

This tasty (and beautiful) pizza from contributor Grab a Plate will make for a perfect appetizer when shared, or a delicious main dish.

Image Credit: Grab A Plate

Spicy Black Bean and Lime Quinoa Salad

Rebel Grain says this black bean and quinoa-filled dish is crowd pleaser. In addition to it being very healthy, the salad tastes even better the next day!

Image Credit: Rebel Grain

Grilled Chicken with Hatch Chile Chimichurri Sauce

Since hatch chiles are freshest for a short period at the end of the summer, chef Billy Parisi makes sure to use them up in a tasty chimichurri sauce over grilled chicken.

Image Credit: Billy Parisi

Vegetarian Zucchini and Veggie Burger

This veggie burger by Lemons and Basil is way better than your typical store-bought veggie burger. This recipe is perfect to accommodate your vegetarian guests.

Image Credit: Lemons and Basil

Grilled Black Pepper and Chicken Salad

Simply Sated has managed to lighten up her chicken salad but still keeps it incredibly delicious. You can serve it over greens or on a crostini!

Image Credit: Simply Sated

Sweet Lemon Iced Tea

Let your guests cool off with this tasty sweet iced tea. Thanks to Erren's Kitchen, this sweet tea is easy to make and unbelievably refreshing.

Image Credit: Erren's Kitchen

Creamy Yogurt Peach Pie

This recipe is actually easy as pie. Mom Foodie combines Jell-O, yogurt and a whipped topping for a creamy and delicious peach pie.

Image Credit: Mom Foodie

South West Farro Salad with Corn and Tomatoes

The Law Student's Wife knows how to make a super simple, yet totally satisfying salad. This salad contains farro, black beans, corn and tomatoes for a super easy meal. The zesty dressing also take 60 seconds to make!

Image Credit: The Law Student's Wife

Homemade Ginger Peach Soda

No need to buy soda for your Labor Day party! Just make Beard and Bonnet's ginger peach soda, which will delight and surprise the guests.

Image Credit: Beard and Bonnet

Popcorn Pie Pops with Salty Caramel

Thanks to Sugary and Buttery, your Labor Day dessert spread will never be the same. These pie pops are served on sticks for an adorable and delicious dessert.

Image Credit: Sugary and Buttery

Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Basil Ice Cream

The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen gives strawberry ice cream a sophisticated makeover with roasted strawberries, balsamic and basil.

Image Credit: The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

Chicken Barley Salad with Roasted Corn and Scallions

On The Table Today manages to combine all the delicious flavors of summer into one perfect Labor Day dish.

Image Credit: On the Table Today


Break out the grill and the cocktail shaker, Labor Day is around the corner! Forget about the typical burgers and hot dogs this year though. This Labor Day, prep for the big get-together with the best recipes from our contributors. They're cooking up a bunch of great dishes that you'll definitely want to try. Between raw coconut pie and bacon-filled tater tots, you'll have something to please all the guests!

Check out the slideshow above for the best Labor Day recipes from our contributors.

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