$2,000 For A Beer?

$2,000 For A Beer?
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$2,000 For A Beer?

While even standard beers can become expensive due to their alcohol content and brewing process, certain customers are still willing to shell out the big bucks for exclusive crafts.

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The Hair of the Dog's "Dave"

The $2,000 beer that recently sold out is called “Dave” and reached its impressive alcohol volume after a freezing process that lasted 19 years.

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Sapporo’s Space Barley

With this beer, manufacturers were really reaching for the stars...literally. Japanese and Russian scientists wanted to observe how well barley could grow in outer space. The barley spent five months orbiting in space. The fourth generation of the barley plant was brought back to earth where the Japanese brewer, Sapporo, turned it into beer. A six pack costs $110.

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Trappist Westvleteren 12

This beer can only be found at its brewery, The Abbey of Saint Sixtus of Westvletern in Belgium. The brewery is stringent about its sales and won’t permit the same car or telephone number to retrieve reserved beer within 60 days of the first order, which explains why simply a six pack of the exclusive beer has sold from 85 to 625 dollars at auctions.

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Samuel Adams Utopia

Samuel Adams Utopia only makes it on to shelves every two years. It boasts ingredients from all over the world and an alcohol content of 27 percent, which explains why it costs $190.

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Crown Ambassador Reserve

This Australian beer has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, not to mention packaged in a champagne bottle. The brewery only makes 8,000 bottles per batch and 750 ml will set you back $90.

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Caulier’s Vielle Bon Secours

Just one bottle of Vielle Bon Secours is about $750; a pint is approximately $60. The beer is known for its citric tart flavors and is only available at Belgo Bierodrome in London.

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Tutankhamun Ale

An archeologist from Cambridge discovered 10 brewing chambers beneath Egyptian sand in 1990, which turned out to be the royal brewery of Queen Nerfertiti. The beer was examined with an electron microscope to figure out the 3,250 year old recipe and then replicated by the Scottish brewer, Jim Merrington with the help of scientists. The first bottle sold for $7,686, but eventually dropped to $75 per bottle.

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Brewdog’s The End Of History

Made by the Brewdog brewery, The End Of History utilized intense freezing techniques to give the beer a 55 percent AVB. One bottle came in at a whopping 765 dollars and was served in a taxidermied weasel or squirrel.

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Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

Even though Pabst Blue Ribbon doesn’t seem like an expensive brand, in China it’s $44 a bottle and made from German caramel malts. It comes in a glass bottle and is aged in American Whiskey barrels. It’s not sold outside China.

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How much would people pay for a great bottle of beer?

The answer may surprise you. With artisan beer on the rise in the U.S, consumers are more likely to consider spending big bucks on brews.

That's why a bottle of beer that costs $2,000 has actually done well! The 12.7 ounce bottle of beer sold out less than five hours after it became available. The Hair of the Dog Brewing in Portland, Oregon only made 12 bottles and yielded a decent day of business for owner Alan Sprints.

The beer is unique because it contains a whopping 29 percent alcohol by volume.

Check out the slideshow above for more on the most over-the-top beers.

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