20 Fun Presidential Food Facts

20 Fun Presidential Food Facts
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20 Fun Presidential Food Facts

Read on to learn about the eating habits of our presidents.

George Washington

George Washington loved fish and nuts, but his favorite drink was the Cherry Bounce, a cherry-infused brandy. He loved this drink so much that he made sure to bring a canteen of it for a trip through the Allegheny Mountains in 1784.

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Thomas Jefferson

Thanks to Thomas Jefferson, French fries have become an American staple. He served fries at a White House dinner party and explained that the dish was "potatoes served in the French manner."

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John Adams

In order to save a little money, John Adams ate beer and bread for breakfast when he attended Harvard.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson enjoyed fresh milk so much that he had a cow live on the grounds of the White House!

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Zachary Taylor

Sadly, Zachary Taylor was only president for 16 months. Historians speculate that Taylor died due to a bacteria like cholera which may have been present in the iced milk, cherries and water that he was believed to have consumed.

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Abraham Lincoln

The menu at Abe Lincoln's second inaugural party included oyster stew, beef-a-la-mode and roast turkey.

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Theodore Roosevelt

For breakfast, Theodore Roosevelt loved to eat 12 eggs.

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William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft weighed over 300 pounds, the heaviest President of the United States. He was said to have loved almonds! He nibbled them all day.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR loved a good grilled cheese sandwich, but he also enjoyed scrambled eggs, hot dogs, fish chowder and fruitcake.

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Harry S. Truman

He didn't know how to cook, but Harry S. Truman loved to eat! His favorite food was a well-done steak, but he also loved fried chicken, dumplings and chocolate cake.

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Dwight Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower enjoyed roast stuffed breast of veal, quail hash and prune whip.

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Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon enjoyed the strange combination of cottage cheese and ketchup, which he often had for breakfast.

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John F. Kennedy

As a Bostonian, JFK loved creamy New England fish chowder. He also enjoyed ice cream with hot fudge.

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Lyndon B. Johnson

As a Southerner, Lyndon B. Johnson loved Southern staples like cornbread. Johnson was also the first president to host a cookout at the White House.

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Gerald R. Ford

In Time Magazine, John Hersey reported that Gerald Ford ate the same lunch every single day. Hersey wrote that Ford had, "a ball of cottage cheese, over which he pours a small pitcherful of A-1 Sauce, a sliced onion or a quartered tomato, and a small helping of butter-pecan ice cream. “Eating and sleeping,” [Ford] says to [Hersey], “are a waste of time.”'

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan loved Jelly Belly jelly beans so much that three and a half tons were shipped to the White House for his inauguration.

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George H. W. Bush

When George H. W. Bush revealed that he enjoyed pork rinds, sales of the snack sky-rocketed. Bush was named the "Skin Man of the Year" by the makers of pork rinds.

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Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton famously became a vegan as advised by his doctors after undergoing heart surgery. Prior to his veganism, Clinton loved hamburgers and steaks.

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George W. Bush

George W. Bush famously choked on a pretzel, which caused him to lose consciousness for a few seconds.

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Barack Obama

Known to be fairly health-conscious, Barack Obama does have one sweet vice. He loves Fran's Gray Smoked Sea Caramels and even had the sweets at his inauguration.

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Celebrate Presidents' Day with these fun facts about what the presidents ate. From George Washington to Barack Obama, the commanders-in-chief of America have enjoyed some pretty interesting foods.

Check out the slideshow above to learn about the presidents' favorite foods.

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