16 Unusual Uses for Cooking Spray

16 Unusual Uses for Cooking Spray
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16 Unusual Uses for Cooking Spray

Read on to discover 16 unexpected ways to use cooking spray.

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Silence Those Squeaks

Who needs a can of WD-40 when a can of cooking oil can get the same job done? Spray the oil directly onto the hinge and it should silence those squeaky doors and windows.

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Banish Those Bugs

Bugs on your bumper are unsightly (and a little gross), but no one wants to spend time scrubbing and scraping them off. If you have cooking spray, cleaning your car just got easier. Spritz some of the oil on your bumper, wipe, and enjoy a cleaner car.

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Lubricate Those Locks

If you have trouble getting unlocking your door because of a sticky key or lock interior, a few sprays of cooking oil should get you through the door in no time.

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Fine-Tune Your Fishing

If you like to fish, cooking spray should be the newest addition to your tackle box, and not because you will need it at your fish fry later on! If you spray your fishing line with oil you can cast it easier and farther.

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Grease Your Grater

Coat your cheese grater with cooking oil for smooth grating. It will also make cleanup much easier since big cheese chunks won't get caught in your utensil. (This trick also works with zesters!)

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Get Perfect Popcorn

Making homemade popcorn can prove to be tricky because it's not easy to coat every kernel with equal parts oil. Cooking spray makes this process a breeze. Just spray over kernels, give the pot a shake, spray again and proceed with the cooking process.

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Fight Food Stains

If you love to cook, you probably end up with leftovers from time to time. Heavy sauces always seem to leave permanent stains on plastic containers no matter how hard you scrub. Prevent those stains by spraying the containers with cooking oil prior to pouring your sauces in them.

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Shovel Snow

It may not be winter, but this is a good one to keep in mind for when it's time to dig out of the cold. A few generous sprays of cooking oil on your shovel could cut your shoveling time down dramatically. The oil allows the blade to cut into the ice more easily and the snow will easily slide onto the shovel.

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Perfect Your Pedi

A quick spritz of cooking oil on your drying nails will set the polish and speed up the drying process. It also serves as a nice moisturizer for your cuticles!

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Get Rid of Soap Scum

Say bye, bye to your shower's soap scum! Spray that gunk with cooking spray and it will come off with just a swipe of a towel. Then, wash the surface with soap and water. This clever trick works because oil breaks down the lime deposits which make it easily removable.

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Form Perfect Patties

This one is a life-changer, particularly for carnivores. Cooking oil is your best friend when forming burger patties or any sticky and somewhat spherical foods. Coat your hands in the oil and you won't have to deal with remnants of the food mixtures getting stuck to your fingers.

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Coat Measuring Cups

This trick will ensure that your measurements are exact next time your recipe calls for a sticky ingredient such as honey or maple syrup. Coat the measuring cup with oil so the sticky sauce will smoothly slide out when pouring.

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Shine Your Faucets

Using cooking spray on faucets and other fixtures throughout your house doesn't just clean them—it makes them really glisten.

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Clean Up Wax

If you love candles but don't like the cleanup that comes with them, you'll love this trick. If you spray candles with cooking spray before lighting them (just a light coat!), the wax will come right off of whatever surface you've put them on later.

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De-Frost Your Freezer

Frequently find frost and ice buildup inside your freezer? If you spray the inside with cooking spray when it's clean and free of ice, your next cleanup will be much quicker.

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Chop More Easily

Spraying your kitchen knives with cooking spray before you get chopping will help food slide right off. So the next time you're mincing garlic or onions, you won't have its residue sticking to the knife.

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Your cupboard cooking spray has capabilities far beyond the kitchen—we're talking about uses that you'd really never guess! This underrated kitchen staple could help give you a perfect pedicure and silence a squeaky door—but that's not all. We even found some unexpected tricks that can take your culinary game up a notch too.

So you may want to stock up, because after you read these cooking spray hacks you might need to have a few extra cans lying around your pantry.

Check out the slideshow above for 16 unusual ways to use cooking spray!

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