The 16 Least Romantic Foods

The 16 Least Romantic Foods
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The 16 Least Romantic Foods

These 16 foods could potentially lead to embarrassing situations, like smelly breath or embarrassing food bits stuck in your teeth, that might ruin the romance. Eat at your own risk, especially on a first date!

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Garlic has a super potent and delicious flavor, but also a notorious reputation for causing bad breath. Avoid it if you’re looking for a smooch later in the evening!

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The pricey seafood is romantic, but eating it can get messy and may require a bib. It might be worth skipping on Valentine’s Day!

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Beans and legumes can cause flatulence, which is not conducive to romance. Eat at your own risk!

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Seed-Filled Dishes

You'll want to avoid getting things stuck in your teeth so you can flash those pearly whites! Seeds are the perfect size to ruin a smile.

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If you're a slurper, noodle dishes might not impress your dinner date. Plus, there's the chance that the sauce might stain your dressy duds. Pasta lovers should go for types of pasta that are easier to eat, like farfalle, macaroni or orecchiette.

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Greens are almost always the healthier choice, but on Valentine’s Day, it might be worth forgoing spinach and opting for a clean smile instead!

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It’s hard not to get corn stuck in your teeth. Save the cob for the Fourth of July!

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Super creamy or sauce-y dishes like spaghetti bolognese are a great way to get something on your face. Unless you want to spend the whole night reaching for your napkin, skip these dishes.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for blue lips and a blue tongue!

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French Onion Soup

On any other day French onion soup is a fantastic choice, but on date night those stringy pieces of onion and strands of cheese are a recipe for disaster.

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It's easy to get broccoli stuck in your teeth.

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Ribs are often covered in sauce and eaten with your hands, neither of which is very romantic.

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Parsley is a great addition to a meal, but it won't look good in your teeth.

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Seafood like anchovies can have a pungent smell, which might not be the most appealing later on.

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Smelly Cheese

A classic pungent cheese isn't the most romantic food.

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Kimchi is a very popular Korean food, but it has an incredibly potent smell.

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The iconic scene in Disney's Lady and the Tramp when the two dogs share the same pasta noodle has gone down in the books as one of the most romantic meals in film.

But in real life, slurping a noodle might not be so romantic! A dinner date is a typical way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but not every type of food is fit for the occasion—certain spaghettis included.

Check out the slideshow above for 16 foods that ruin the romance on Valentine's Day.

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