15 Unusual Uses For Coca-Cola

15 Unusual Uses For Coca-Cola
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15 Unusual Uses For Coca-Cola

Pain Reducer

Pouring Coca-Cola on bug bites, bee stings or jellyfish stings helps to neutralize the pain.

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Gum Remover

Got gum stuck on your shoe? Leave Coke on the gum for a few minutes, and then scrape it off with a blunt knife. This trick can be used on hair, shoes or clothes.

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Farmers in India frequently use Coca Cola as an insecticide to keep their crops free of bugs.

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Window Cleaner

It's easy to remove bugs and dust from your car window with a can of Coke and a wet cloth. You can pour the soda on to a cloth and wash your windshield with it. Then, rinse it off with your windshield wipers.

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Rust Remover

Coca-Cola can remove rust from small objects overnight! If you want to shine your pennies, you can leave them in a glass of Coke overnight and scrub them off in the morning. Coke can even help to remove the rust from a chrome finish.

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Odor Remover

Coke helps to remove the awful smell of skunk. If your pet is affected by the smell, you can wash the animal off with Coke (and then of course, rinse your pet off well).

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Paint Remover

If you want to get paint off of metal furniture, just leave a Coke-drenched towel on the surface for a few days. Make sure to keep the towel moist with the soda.

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Remove Black From Pots

You can use Coke to get rid of the black film on your pots. Just add a can of Coke to the pot and put the stove on low heat. After an hour, wash the pot normally and the black should come off.

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Toilet Cleaner

The phosphoric acid in Coke can help to break down all the lime scum and buildup in a toilet. This is a great method if you don't have any regular toilet cleaner on hand.

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Stain Remover

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you've got tough grease stains on your clothes, add a can of coke to the wash along with your detergent and let the machine run through a normal cycle. This is also a good method to remove blood, as well as get the odors out of particularly smelly clothes.

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Helps Stomach Pain

Coca-Cola can help to relieve nausea or an upset stomach too. Try slowly drinking a glass of flat Coke. According to The Daily Mail, some doctors even prescribe Coke to patients who have the painful condition called gastric phytobezoar.

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Windshield Defroster

If you're in a bind during the cold winter months — a very cold bind — defrost your windshield with Coke.

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Hiccup Cure

Hiccups that just won't go away? One way you can try to cure those hiccups is to hold your breath, and then drink a glass of Coca-Cola quickly.

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Loosen Bolts

If you're struggling with tight, rusty bolts, use Coke, a soft cloth and a small bowl to fix them. Just pour the Coke on a cloth and let it soak on the bolt, which should help to loosen it.

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Improve Lawn

Coke can actually be a great fertilizer for gardenia and azalea flowers. It can even help to improve the quality of compost.

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Coca-Cola is a popular beverage in many households, and the soft drink is consumed all over the world. While it's universally recognized as a soda that you drink, Coca-Cola can do so much more than your typical beverage. In addition to being a helpful household cleaning agent, Coke can help relieve jellyfish stings and even remove rust!

Check out the slideshow above for the 15 most unusual uses for Coca Cola.

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