15 Things to do with Peeps

15 Things to do with Peeps
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15 Things to do with Peeps

Read on for unique ways to use Peeps.

Rice Krispie Nests

Nestle a Peep on top of a Rice Krispie Treat (homemade or not). Cut the square into a circle to create a nest-like shape.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Babble

Tuxedo Peeps

Just like chocolate covered strawberries, you can dress up Peeps too!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Babble

Peep S'mores

Peep are marshmallows, after all, so why not enjoy them as you would any other? Substituting ordinary marshmallows with Peeps will add some color to a tasty s'more.

Image Credit: Pinterest via YumSugar

Hot Chocolate

Peeps can make a colorful addition to your hot chocolate, and is a great trick for when you're out of ordinary marshmallows.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Stolen Moments

Peep Sushi

If the kids aren't into seafood, this is the perfect way to get them to enjoy "sushi."

Image Credit: Pinterest via Trend Hunter

Peep Martini

Rather than adding a lemon wedge to your cocktail, you can add a Peep for a colorful, festive drink.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Indulgy

Peep Fruit Kebabs

Liven up fruit with those extra Peeps! By placing fruit and Peeps on skewers, the kids are sure to enjoy some healthy fruit along with a fun treat.

Image Credit: Pinterest via The Frugal Gals

Peep Cake

Just like Funfetti, Peeps can be tossed into cake batter for a colorful and tasty cake. Just add chopped up Peeps into your cake mix before baking.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Serious Eats

Wine Cork

For the sweetest makeshift wine cork, stuff a Peep into the top of an opened wine bottle. This odd but effective trick is helpful if you've misplaced your wine cork.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Buzzfeed

Peep Wreath

It may not seem seasonal, but displaying colorful Peeps for your neighbors to see will brighten everyone's day!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Tried & True

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Most things are better dipped in chocolate, and Peeps are no exception. Melt some chocolate, stick a Peep on a stick and you'll have a cute dessert.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Raining Hot Coupons

Peep Cupcakes

Peeps can replace sprinkles in the most delightful way. The colorful marshmallow sits perfectly on top of a frosted cupcake.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Love from the Oven


Peeps are just as tasty frozen too. You can keep them in the freezer for a week and enjoy them after Easter.

Image Credit: Pinterest via The Nest

Peep Pudding Cups

A colorful Peep will look and tasty lovely atop a cup of delicious pudding. If you use the rabbit Peeps, they will look like they've popped up to say hello!

Image Credit: Pinterest via Chic N Savy Reviews

Peep Truffles

Make those truffles pop with the addition of a little Peep.

Image Credit: Pinterest via Love from the Oven


Over the years Peeps have become a quintessential Easter candy. While the cute pastel treats are a nice surprise to find in an Easter basket during the holiday, they're also surprisingly versatile to cook with. So, if you find yourself left with an excess of the colorful marshmallows when the holiday hits, fear not. Peeps are delicious baked into cakes, topped on cupcakes and even dipped in chocolate.

Check out the slideshow above for 15 fun things to do with Peeps.

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