15 Outrageous Gingerbread Houses

15 Outrageous Gingerbread Houses

As we've mentioned before, gingerbread houses are a beloved American tradition during the holidays. And it should come as no surprise that something as tried and true as the making of one of these delicious cookie homes has become an art form in itself.

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These are most definitely not your average gingerbread houses

We're not talking about little square-shaped houses with gumdrop roofs; we're talking castles, tiered masterpieces, landmarks — the stuff gingerbread dreams are made of, especially this Simpsons-themed one.

During the holiday season, gingerbread exhibits and contests pop up all over the world showcasing some uncanny, imaginative, and downright outrageous creations made from the Christmas cookie. We are forewarning all of you doubters, everything is made from cookie or candy, there is no question about it!

Want to see a roundup of some of the most outrageous gingerbread houses around? Check out our slideshow above.

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