15 Must-Have Ingredients from the Georgetown Cupcake Founders

15 Must-Have Ingredients from the Georgetown Cupcake Founders
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15 Must-Have Ingredients from the Georgetown Cupcake Founders

Learn which 15 staples the founders of Georgetown Cupcake can't live without.

Plugra Butter

"It’s our favorite butter and baking with Plugra makes anything taste amazing," says Katherine.

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Valrhona cocoa powder

"Valrhona is, without question, our favorite cocoa powder, and any time we’re baking anything chocolate, it’s our go-to," explains Sophie. "In addition to its exceptional depth of flavor, its color is gorgeous, giving your desserts a deep and rich chocolate [hue]."

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Madagascar Bourbon vanilla

"We love the Nielsen Massey brand of this vanilla," Katherine notes. "Vanilla is a universal ingredient in baking, so we always have this vanilla on hand in our pantry."

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Heavy cream

"We love to keep heavy cream on hand because with it, we can whip up a quick batch of chocolate ganache at any time," offers Sophie. "Chocolate ganache is very easy to make (just two ingredients: heavy cream and chocolate) and it is very versatile, making the perfect icing or dessert topping – especially when you are pressed for time."

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"We always like to keep a dozen large eggs on hand since eggs are crucial in most dessert recipes, Katherine says.

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"Besides using it in our carrot and spice cupcake recipes, we love to keep honey on hand for tea and chai," assures Sophie.

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"Always keep salt in your pantry since most dessert recipes call for a small amount," says Sophie. "Even though it is usually a small amount, salt plays a critical role in the chemical reactions in your baking and omitting it can lead to disaster."

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Chocolate chips

"We love using micro chocolate chips since they melt faster than bars," offers Katherine. "It’s good to have them on hand in case you need to whip up a quick chocolate frosting or topping."

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Fresh Lemons

"If we had to choose one fruit to keep on hand in our refrigerators, it would be lemons because of their versatility," explains Sophie. "Both the zest and the juice can be used when baking, and they can add a refreshing depth of fresh citrus to your desserts."

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Granulated sugar

According to Sophie, "this is a must-have since it’s a staple in most dessert recipes."

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Confectioner’s sugar

"This is also a must-have since it’s a staple in most frosting recipes," she continues.

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Whole milk

"You can always use other types of low fat, almond, or soy milk, but we find regular whole milk to be the most versatile for all recipes," states Katherine.

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All-purpose flour

"We like to use all-purpose flour for all of our recipes (vs. pastry flours, cake flours, etc.) because we find that it yields the best texture for our recipes," says Sophie. "It’s also the most versatile – so if you had to choose one flour to keep on hand in your pantry, all-purpose is the way to go."

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Baking powder

"Along with baking soda, it’s a key leavening agent for most recipes, and it’s a good idea to keep both on hand at all times," explains Sophie.

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Baking soda

"Along with baking powder, it’s a key leavening agent for most recipes, and it’s a good idea to keep both on hand at all times," offers Sophie.

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Every home cook has those items that they automatically refill every time they run out. For many, flour, sugar and butter make the list. For Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, founders of Georgetown Cupcake and stars of TLC's DC Cupcakes, staples get a bit more involved.

From bourbon vanilla to fresh lemon, the cupcake innovators tell us what they always have on hand in their kitchen. "With staples in our pantry and refrigerator, we can whip up a variety of different flavors of cupcakes in no time - as well as other desserts," they explain. "With these ingredients, you'll be well prepared to tackle the majority of dessert recipes in your cookbooks."

Check out the slideshow above to see which 15 ingredients make their list!

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